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Be Sure Your New Watch is Worth What You’re Paying For it

Posted in Uncategorized by Hayky on iulie 16, 2014

The market for used or older watches is a market that is certainly as old as watches themselves, and isn’t going anywhere. There are certain goods, like watches and jewelry, that may keep on from the centuries, as vintage wares like that often increase in value and appreciate as the calendar flips forward. There are experts in watches and jewelry, and if you are fancying a new watch, you will have to interact with those who know way more regarding the field than you, because of that. You are at the disadvantage when selecting a watch, however you don’t need to be in the dark, or get scammed. What follows is a brief 101-level crash course in things to look for when buying a good watch.

1. Credible Seller
If you are walking down the streets of New York and a fellow has a table with a lot of beautiful-looking Rolex watches, and he says they are at a huge discount for whatever reason, you will find a greater than zero, and not under 100% chance they are either stolen, fake or maybe more likely, both. A fake Rolex is a fun present to yourself or someone who gets that it’s fun gift, nevertheless they will not last like a real Rolex or offer any sort of resale value. If an offer coming from a particular vendor seems too good to be true, it is. You receive what you buy in the world of watches.

2. Documented Reputation of Repair

If you’re willing to assume a modicum of risk, that said – you can get a deal still. Lots of vendors will sell Rolex watches which need some work and they don’t feel like doing it. Or they may sell watches that have had work done on them. Obtaining a refurbished watch like this may not be necessarily a poor move. You will find places available in the world who do great focus on rolex repairs and have a history of such work. There’s a site called The Wrist Watch Buyers Group that will allow you to send your watch in, and they will repair it and return it. They are doing amazing work that is guaranteed, and you can send your watch to them with full confidence. So, know that exist it repaired to be as great as new if you see a nice watch that is being sold really cheap because there’s something wrong with it.

3. Fakes

Be keeping an eye out for fakes. If a Rolex is being sold for $20, you realize they are fake, but they are not pretending that it’s real. There’s a tremendous difference between buying a fake that you know is a fake, and then buying a fake that is certainly being sold being a real Rolex. A few simple things you can do to try to discern whether the watch is fake is to listen for ticking. Rolex watches do not tick like others, and if you hear loud ticking when put to your ear, you will be not holding a Rolex. Also, the engravings must be absolutely perfect. Never includes a Rolex left the manufacturer with any engraving imperfection. They can be extremely meticulous. Also, in case the price appears like it’s too little, you are not purchasing a Rolex.


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