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Homecoming dress 2014 . How to get dressed at homecoming according to your personality!

Posted in Uncategorized by Hayky on iulie 16, 2014

Homecoming dresses for 2014 from DressV

It might be early, but I thought it’s good to write a post about the homecoming prom. It’s good to know what you will wear from before, so you have time to chose the best options, research, and finally, order the perfect dress.
Homecoming is a place where the way you get dressed it’s very important. You might have a new school and the first impression usually matters a lot. So chose a dress which matches your personality best.
And since you are a girl and you need a lot of options, i found the site called DressV.com where you have TONS of dresses to chose from. I have here my favorite examples (each one of the images is a clickable link, so you won’t have to search a lot for the dress).

1. If you are girly, simple and you think that always ,,less is more”, the following dresses might be a good option for you:






2. If your personality is very colorful, your dress should be the same!




3. If you are the Queen B, the elegant and classy one, I recommend you to dress accodingly. Find a dress which is elegant, but don’t forget that you are young and your clothes should fit your age as well. All eyes should be on you!



4. Finally, if you like the punk style, be elegant in black! My choices for you are:




Well, now that you find a perfect dress, you it’s time for you to find the perfect date! Find your prince and have a lot of fun at homecoming 2014! I hope you will be the homecoming queen!


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